Digital. 2016

Winner, Paint the Sky with Amazing Thailand (Amazing Thailand–Amazing Destination), AirAsia Airline


“Yak Cute” airplane painting is my winning designed from  the “ Paint the Sky with Amazing Thailand” competition.

The “Yak Cute” design was selected from over 200 entries by a distinguished commission comprising TAT and Thai AirAsia representatives and acclaimed artists and designers.


The “Yak Cute” design was created by me for the category Amazing Thailand-Amazing Destination, and is now fully realised on a life-sized Airbus A320-200. The design uses the iconic images of the Giants of Bangkok’s Wat Pho and Wat Arun (Wat Chaeng) as well as other distinct architectural features of the Kingdom, presenting them in a more updated and endearing style, thus the name “Yak Cute”.

“Yak-Cute” title directly translates to “Cute Giant”. On top of showing off the country’s history and culture, the design also underlines the Thai people’s playful and friendly nature and their readiness to welcome visitors.

The design will serve as a cultural ambassador in the sky, promoting Thailand’s unique traits and culture while inviting visitors to experience all the country has to offer.















And 1st Runner-Up. “River of life” under the Amazing Thailand-Amazing Culture category.