Digital, 2020



In the basic of every project there is an idea, there is a thought that you want to deliver to the heart and the mind of your audiences.

The main idea of our exhibit is kindness. Not a fairy sort of kindness, not the kindness that can not ever exist. But the kindness which is so real that you can actually touch it, the existing physically high quality kindness. We want to offer our idea of the future though an art prism of caring and saving of wind nature. True art has such huge strength and it is so full of powerful thoughts.

Please look around stay silent and listen to just a minute.

Feel it! Be a part of our team!

We can call our project international due to multiple artist and illustrators from all over the world are participating in it. Let’s take care of our planet together.

Let’s be TOGETHER, as TOGETHER everything is possible!

Organized by Dima Kashtalyan, Nataly Minchuk